Magic was more or less legal in the old days.. same as now with drugs and some other stuff: *as long as it was restricted to the upper classes*.

Kate Shrewsday

Hell has a chancellor, you know.

Yes, the devil has oversight of the great fiery plains and mountain ranges which, it is held by some,  await a proportion of us when we die. But to get anything done in hell is fiendishly difficult unless you know the right bloke to talk to.

It’s a bit like Virgin call centres. Yada,yada,yada goes the operative on the other end of the phone, and you know that not a blind bit of good will come of your call, and your internet will stay unfixed. But you don’t go to Richard Branson next, do you? You ask that magic question. You say “I’d like to be escalated to the next level, please.”

And if you ask that enough times you go up to the inner circle of Virgin customer service. The telephonic sanctum.

Lucifer is far too lofty to help us with our figurative…

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