Notes from a Broken Society

Where does Labour stand on the bedroom tax?  The stance of many – probably most – Labour activists is clear; at a personal level they completely oppose this penalty on those whose social housing has a “spare” bedroom, and for very good reasons.  The implication of the penalty for “under-occupancy” is that social housing is an act of charity by the state (or, to use the rhetoric of the market consensus, the taxpayer) rather than a right; and that it should be viewed as something temporary that does not accomodate the longer-term life changes that affect families.  It is about as far removed from the vision of Aneurin Bevan, who is really the founding father of the idea of social housing as entitlement, as one can imagine.   And of course there is a simple, practical problem: the smaller homes into which people would be expected to downsize to avoid…

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  1. oneoflokis says:

    Looks like I’m gonna have to leave comments on my own blog again – as today, WordPress in its wisdom is not letting reblogs with comments as a header through! &it doesn’t seem to want to let me add them as an “edit” either.. LEAST I CAN’T SEE ANY TEXT WHEN I PRESS EDIT.. Sigh! WordPress you shit software designers! Design a simple software without bugs, willya just?!!!!

  2. oneoflokis says:

    Now. What I wanted to say about the above article: is quite simply, the Labour tops must grow a backbone, see the unpopularity of the current Tory taxes & cuts – and rescind them! AXE THE (BEDROOM) TAX!!

    Plus: all the cuts that undermine the disabled must be overturned.

    Neoliberalism, as an economic, political & philosophical system – is bunk. Time for its overthrow. Hasn’t the current recession taught the political parties that?!

    Nobody voted for the policies of the undemocratic ConDem coalition, anyway.

    The Bedroom Tax could easily be Dave Cameron’s downfall: as the Poll Tax was Maggie’s!!

    Roll on the demonstrations! AXE THE TAX!!

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