On (my own) (neo) Pagan morality; & why I think & say some of the things I do; & why I am not much impressed by a lot of nationally organised huffing and puffing: such as that on crime, got up to by the Daily Mail: in the case of Mick Philpott etc.

It seems to me, from my self-chosen outsider’s and minority viewpoint (entered into since I fully dedicated myself to Being a Pagan (or rather admitting I was one!) that the whole of the Western, Christian-enculturated (though this probably applies to other monotheistic faiths/cultures as well) is living under a terrible and hypocritical system (one that, moreover, pressurises you to be hypocritical!) of DOUBLE-BIND MORALITY.

This can be seen most especially in the conflicting messages put out by this culture’s “mainstream” media. I would be far from the first person to mention this fact; though may be one of the few to have some perspective on it! 🙂

Let’s start with a small example. Women’s magazines, dieting, and recipes. How many times has it been noticed that women’s magazines are full of enticing recipes on the one hand, and exhortations to diet on the other?! The recipes they contain are usually quite nice – and full of fattening ingredients – they have to be in order to sell/entice!


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Ah! That'd be telling! But very Lokean.
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