White Eggplants and a return to Lesvos

White eggplants, nice! Supposedly sweeter than their purple counterparts! Never seen them in UK supermarkets! Presumably they’ll grow here, under shelter! ☺ Must have a look at some of those exotic seed sites and blogs I was recently browsing!

(My dad used to be able to grow smallish examples of the purplish type in his greenhouse. Don’t think he ever tried other varieties!)

Seemingly Greek

Well, what can I say except that I am back to the island and still not quite settled in yet, grrr… suitcases still erupting with clothes! The past few days that we returned together to the island, we have been searching for a new apartment to live in for the following year. If we aren’t going to be moving abroad, then I would gladly welcome the change of a new living environment. The problem is that we (definitely) don’t always get what we want – that lesson is always hard to learn, again and again!!! After looking at around 8 other places to live, we found one we loved but probably out of our budget and the rest were not worth the extra stress/costs of moving, either similar size or much older. As of now, we are staying put in our current shoebox.
Another subject to discuss is the…

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