The Impolite Art of Christian Deceit

An interesting Atheist Steampunk gentleman in my home county of Cornwall… ☺

A Steampunk Gentleman in Cornwall

Today I decided to have a dress rehearsal of my intent to counter street preaching with street atheism. My persona, as advertised, was a “Steampunk Gentlemen in Cornwall” and I was in my full fig


The basic me, without tracts

In addition to that basic kit there was a a stack of my tracts and some British Humanist Society Leaflets. There was “stage fright” to overcome, of course, which was one of the reasons for this practise run but was certain that I has sufficient chutzpah to overcome it. What I had not counted on was the deliberate blocking and deception practised by Christians.

The first hint I had was, immediately after I had completed my set up when a folding wooden chair decorated with a cross was, without so much as a by-your-leave planted alongside my stand and 2 older ladies started handing out “Prayer” leaflets. These leaflet I…

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