It’s Kushcraft! Weed in Witchcraft

This is a beautiful witchy blog, and a thought-provoking article! (Of particular interest to Wiccans/magic-workers but…)

Particularly timely since they are discussing the UK government being caught in a cleft stick and pretty much having to ALLOW the prescription of cannabis oil for that poor sick little lad – who got some from Canada, but UK customes wouldn’t allow it in with his mother – or he’ll die!!

I hope our government sees sense and the case has a good resolution!!

Paige Vanderbeck, The Fat Feminist Witch


Today is 420 – the official weed holiday for people who love weed. Thanks to a group of teens (bless ’em) in San Rafael California who used to meet up after school to get baked, April 20th has become a day for stoners every where to partake in and brag about illicit drug use. No, it’s not in any way related to Bob Marley and the fact that it’s Hitler’s birthday has nothing to do with weed.

It’s not just fun and games for everyone, though, many cannabis activists use today to fight for their right to medicate or fully enjoy cartoons made for grown ups and considering the Canadian government has recently released a first look at the legislation for the upcoming legalization of cannabis in Canada I’d say weed is really getting shit done these days.

I wrote, and podcasted, about this subject once before – check out

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