Dude, I Call Lokiphobia! Check Your Bully Pulpit.

“neonazis and white supremacists are already equating Loki=Jewish=Satan. Their arguments include the fact that Loki takes his mother’s name as a surname, which is also a Jewish custom.”

Aw cheez!!! 😮😮😮😨😨😨 Loki is being “identified” as Jewish by right-wing supremacists now: *because he uses a matronymic*!! 🙄🙄🙄

(Well guess what: so do Gypsies; and I believe Scots… Or at least Celtic women keep their maiden names. Something like that.

It’s an old, old thing anyway. Shows that you come from an ancient, originally more matriarchal culture.

But I thought that Jews usually traditionally went with: “ben” (= son of, like Bin in Arabic) “insert father’s name here.” Like: Yeshua Ben Yusuf.. Jesus son of Joseph !

Put me right if you are Jewish and/or know more, please.)

Lady Of The Lake

Yesterday I woke up perplexed and annoyed. Today I woke up pissed. Maybe it was that nightmare of the horse falling from out of the sky, missing one leg (who knows what this means?) and that part later where I had to flee with a frightened family to a place of numerous birds in cages and eerily pleasant people behind the counter, checking us in.

All I know is that I deeply resent the psuedo-Satanic Panic import of Karl Seigfried’s Wild Hunt opinion piece, “Loki in the White House.” Yesterday I didn’t even want to write his name, today I think it’s important to do so. Because I think his intentions are to further ostracize–and demonize–a group of religious people already existing in the margins of neopaganism: Lokeans and those who Hail Loki, among other deities.

Two days ago, I never knew this guy existed. But…

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Ah! That'd be telling! But very Lokean.
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