Rebuttal to Article: Loki in the White House

Loving Laufey's Son

For the last couple of days, the Lokean community has been rocked by an article by Karl Seigfried, Loki in the White House in which he compares Loki’s behavior in the Eddas to that of Donald Trump. Others in the Lokean community have already rebutted this specious article quite handily: Dude, I Call Lokiphobia! Check Your Bully Pulpit, and Analysis of Seigfried’s Comparison of Loki and Trump, so I will add just a few thoughts. The article is offensive on its face, comparing a complex god to an ignorant narcissistic grifter who has no business being President. I’m not an apologist for Loki. I know my god works both weal and woe as the Eddas show us (though the weal Loki does outweighs the woe, no matter what His intent). I also know that he is fiercely loyal to His followers, those of us who see Loki as the ancient…

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