THE FIRST WEEK…some observations by Volunteer Alan Crooks

Yes: the late Sir Terry Pratchett was indeed a wise and a great writer… Better than Neil Gaiman, I’d say! 🙂👍

(Didn’t know you could get commemmorative pins for him – or his works, there must be other designs too – I must look out for these online!)

The Salisbury Museum Volunteer Blog

Terry Pratchett – The First Week

Alan Crooks, Engagement Volunteer

Returning home from a fortnight’s holiday on the morning of Friday 15 September, I opened my emails to find one from Jan Thorne inviting Gallery Stewards and Engagement Volunteers an opportunity to walk around the exhibition that very afternoon. Knowing that this would be my only opportunity to view the exhibition before my first shift (in this case, as a Gallery Steward) on the following Tuesday, I accepted.

As a former scientist and science teacher, paradoxically I have never been interested in either science fiction or fantasy – the genre to which I’d assumed Terry Pratchett fitted. Consequently I’d never read any of his books. Therefore, in preparation for my duties at this exhibition I had taken my first book of his to read whilst on holiday. This was Wintersmith, the third tale in a sequence about the trainee…

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