Remembering What Happened to TEDxWestHollywood

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The Weiler Psi

With the protest of TED coming up on April 2nd, all of the attention is being focused on Rupert Sheldrake’s talk.   The controversy began and ended with him after all. While it was certainly insulting for Sheldrake and Hancock to have their talks pulled and dismissed unfairly as pseudoscience, both men were already controversial figures and the resulting publicity arguably did them more good than harm.  They became more popular.  Certainly their videos got much wider exposure than they would have otherwise.

It was the takedown of TEDxWestHollywood however, that pushed the controversy into a full blown culture war.  This was the turning point where everyone could see that TED was unequivocally taking a completely one-sided ideological position rather than relying on evidence.  It was big news at the time.  I scooped the story and I got more visits to my blog in that one day (over 7,000)…

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