What Was It Like to be a Gay Viking?

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Further Thoughts On The Grenfell Inquiry Panel

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An Interview with Peter Fisher

This article is great!! More power to this doctor: and to alternative medicine as a whole!! We should be campaigning to have MORE of this on the NHS – not less or none!! Why should the Royals and the rich be the only ones to afford homeopathy??!

World of Homeopathy

If there were such a thing as homeopathic royalty, Peter Fisher would easily fit the bill. And that’s not just because he is physician to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, as well as both Clinical and Research Director of the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine–the largest public sector provider of holistic medicine in Europe (formerly called the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital).

Of at least equal importance is that for the past 25 years he has served as editor-in-chief of the journal Homeopathy, the only MEDLINE-indexed homeopathic journal. MEDLINE is the medical research database of the US National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health and is considered the gold standard of published medical research. In his role as editor of the journal and author of numerous published studies, Peter brings to homeopathy what it so richly deserves–serious consideration, assessment, and refinement by the most rigorous methods…

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Expert structural engineer: ‘#Grenfell is about corruption NOT building regs’

Yeah. #Grenfell due to corruption (aka “moneysaving”) rather than ignorance, etc. Sounds about right!!


Paul Follows is a hugely experienced Consulting Structural Engineer, Forensic Specialist and Residential Refurbishment Designer who has taken a keen professional and personal interest in the terrible tragedy at Grenfell Tower and its aftermath. Earlier this week, he used his expertise to put together a comprehensive list of questions that need to be answered if the victims and survivors of Grenfell are to have anything approaching justice.

grenfell4Follows has looked further into crucial documentation – some of which disappeared from host sites and had to be tracked down via archiving sites such as Wayback Machine – and has uncovered vital information that has led him to conclusions that may startle some. Here are his findings in his own words (emphasis by the SKWAWKBOX:

Grenfell Tower Tragedy is not about the Building Regulations

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations have been in force since 6 April 2007. These regulations legally require designers to…

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Heartbreaking video as #Grenfell residents count out their true toll

Source: Heartbreaking video as #Grenfell residents count out their true toll

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Lauri Love aka @LauriLoveX permanently banned from Twitter

I don’t know why Twitter doesn’t just get rid of the NeoNazis! (And Tories.)

hacktivist culture

Wire 2017-03-09 at 16.47.17

Source: http://pastebin.com/vxNKeDBK : Author(s) are anonymous

Lauri Love, aka @LauriLoveX has been permanently banned from Twitter over an alleged “violent threat”.

This is a call to action.

While it is unclear as to what he posted that got him banned or even suspended in the first place, it is believed that this “violent threat” referenced by the Twitter support team is either Lauri’s Tweets about punching Nazis, or perhaps a post that Lauri made on Facebook after he was temporarily suspended from Twitter, which was later screen-capped and shared by multiple accounts. It is also suspected that those in charge of Twitter are resentful of the fact that Lauri and his community reacted to his suspension by openly expressing their outrage to them directly, so this is their extremely petty way of getting back at Lauri.

We must put pressure on Twitter to do the right thing and reinstate Lauri’s account…

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Witchery: How to Make Mars Water

Great stuff! 👏

Sacred Hands Coven

Witches have many tools at their disposal for both light and dark purposes. One beneficial tool is Mars Water, also called War Water. Even though Mars Water/War Water sounds ominous to some non-witches, it has many helpful uses in protective magick as well as its darker side uses. Using it for protection, reversing curses, banishing negativity, and evil is common. Using it in placing curses, declaring war on an enemy, and causing harm is equally frequent. As with all magick, the intent behind the magick is where the shades of magick are determined. I consider them separate, when I use them, as there are very distinct variations between the two types of water in my household. The Mars Water is the base and when I choose to add intent and other items to the Mars Water, then, it becomes what I will refer to here as War Water.


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