Peach Butter (Delicious!)

Sounds lovely! Must make this! Wish that in England we had the really ripe peaches! 🍑

Seemingly Greek

Summer might be gone officially, but unofficially its fruit still remains 🙂 Watermelons, green grapes, red grapes, nectarines, oranges, apples, and PEACHES!!! A ripe, naturally sweet peach can do wonders for you – it can change your mood, it can give you a much needed pick-me-up, and it can bring back memories of previous summers that you spent as a child running naked through the sprinkler in your backyard! Come on, I know I am not the only one 🙂 Right? Right? 

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Common Sayings in Greece (in Greek)

Seemingly Greek

I am teaching myself trying to learn Greek on my own, and it is going at a very slow pace. I have made progress since being here, and I would say that I can understand and speak at a low level in everyday conversation. My kids (who I am teaching English) usually giggle a bit when I try to translate the directions for a game into Greek so they can understand. Most of the kids are very helpful in correcting me, but there are a few smart-allecs that mock me a bit. Overall, even with being mocked, I think teaching has helped me learn a few new words each day or so and I continue to be amazed at the Greek expressions or sayings that just don’t make sense in English. We call it Greek-lish, speaking English but with the Greek way of thinking.

Some common greetings and responses:


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Leading Tories target NHS for sell-off after Brexit

Uh-oh! Here’s a recent article on the Conservative Home website by former cabinet minister and leading Brexit campaigner Owen Paterson calling for an end to the NHS: It’s time for the Governm…

Source: Leading Tories target NHS for sell-off after Brexit

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On (my own) (neo) Pagan morality; & why I think & say some of the things I do; & why I am not much impressed by a lot of nationally organised huffing and puffing: such as that on crime, got up to by the Daily Mail: in the case of Mick Philpott etc.

It seems to me, from my self-chosen outsider’s and minority viewpoint (entered into since I fully dedicated myself to Being a Pagan (or rather admitting I was one!) that the whole of the Western, Christian-enculturated (though this probably applies to other monotheistic faiths/cultures as well) is living under a terrible and hypocritical system (one that, moreover, pressurises you to be hypocritical!) of DOUBLE-BIND MORALITY.

This can be seen most especially in the conflicting messages put out by this culture’s “mainstream” media. I would be far from the first person to mention this fact; though may be one of the few to have some perspective on it! 🙂

Let’s start with a small example. Women’s magazines, dieting, and recipes. How many times has it been noticed that women’s magazines are full of enticing recipes on the one hand, and exhortations to diet on the other?! The recipes they contain are usually quite nice – and full of fattening ingredients – they have to be in order to sell/entice!

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Notes from a Broken Society

Where does Labour stand on the bedroom tax?  The stance of many – probably most – Labour activists is clear; at a personal level they completely oppose this penalty on those whose social housing has a “spare” bedroom, and for very good reasons.  The implication of the penalty for “under-occupancy” is that social housing is an act of charity by the state (or, to use the rhetoric of the market consensus, the taxpayer) rather than a right; and that it should be viewed as something temporary that does not accomodate the longer-term life changes that affect families.  It is about as far removed from the vision of Aneurin Bevan, who is really the founding father of the idea of social housing as entitlement, as one can imagine.   And of course there is a simple, practical problem: the smaller homes into which people would be expected to downsize to avoid…

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This is almost funnier than the pandas.. LOL! 😀

Pride's Purge

(satire – probably)

Liberal Democrats may in future be able to have their missing balls or backbones replaced with ones grown from cells taken from chickens or mice, experts have predicted.

Scientists say hybrids of mouse or chicken stem cells – both of which are remarkably similar in structure to those extracted from Liberal Democrat cabinet ministers – raises the possibility of growing missing teeth, backbones and balls on junior coalition MPs’ bodies.

Several pairs of fully functioning balls – created by combining stem cells taken from mice and Vince Cable well before he sold himself out for a seat in the cabinet – have been grown in a laboratory by researchers who hope the work could lead to Liberal Democrat MPs being able to grow back other things they lack – such as scruples or guts – and in the future it may even be possible to provide them…

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Pride's Purge

(satire – barely)

Vince Cable and Ed Balls start to display courtship behaviour, raising hopes of a successful mating

Two of the UK’s giant parties could be ready to mate within the next month, according to zoo experts. Both the the Liberal Democrat’s Alpha male, Vince Cable and Labour’s Ed Balls have started to show important changes in their behaviour, indicating their readiness to mate soon, zoology specialists at Westminster Zoo said.

Zoological experts are able to predict when both parties are ready to breed by a combination of behavioural observation and hormone testing, but to date no concrete hormonal changes have been seen in either party.

However, Vince Cable recently began doing handstands against trees, walls and rocks, scent-marking as high up as possible – known as a display of virility in Westminster. Meanwhile Ed Balls has started calling out to his potential partner – which is common during…

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