THE FIRST WEEK…some observations by Volunteer Alan Crooks

Yes: the late Sir Terry Pratchett was indeed a wise and a great writer… Better than Neil Gaiman, I’d say! 🙂👍

(Didn’t know you could get commemmorative pins for him – or his works, there must be other designs too – I must look out for these online!)

The Salisbury Museum Volunteer Blog

Terry Pratchett – The First Week

Alan Crooks, Engagement Volunteer

Returning home from a fortnight’s holiday on the morning of Friday 15 September, I opened my emails to find one from Jan Thorne inviting Gallery Stewards and Engagement Volunteers an opportunity to walk around the exhibition that very afternoon. Knowing that this would be my only opportunity to view the exhibition before my first shift (in this case, as a Gallery Steward) on the following Tuesday, I accepted.

As a former scientist and science teacher, paradoxically I have never been interested in either science fiction or fantasy – the genre to which I’d assumed Terry Pratchett fitted. Consequently I’d never read any of his books. Therefore, in preparation for my duties at this exhibition I had taken my first book of his to read whilst on holiday. This was Wintersmith, the third tale in a sequence about the trainee…

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The Real Pandemic is our Politicians

Politicians ARE the pandemic!! (Tories especially.) 😷

Kernow Damo

Freedom day looms, but its more Free-doom day in the eyes of many and its not just rotten lefties like me saying it, though sadly the ones you want to be saying it, the ones you want to be calling it out for what it is, our own leaders are failing us. It doesn’t matter what party it is, there’s no concerted pushback against opening up. You might’ve guessed Keir Starmer wouldn’t, too busy with yet another relaunch of himself as he is, still oblivious to the fact Labour’s biggest problem is him and the fact nobody can stand his forensic nothingness, but besides that his track record of supporting the government over repeated Covid mistakes, no ifs, no buts, no equivocation makes him little better than the ruling party, particularly when he’s refused to put forward alternatives, bereft of any ideas that he is. He’s a seat warmer and…

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Jeremy Corbyn’s role in organising opposition to fascism at ‘The Battle of Wood Green’ 23rd April 1977

Yup: Corbyn, what a big anti-Semite I must say! 😌

Kmflett's Blog

The Battle of Wood Green 40 years on

On 23rd April 1977 the National Front decided to march from Ducketts Common by Turnpike Lane tube in North London down a busy London High Road packed with Saturday afternoon shoppers. There were several thousand fascists but they were outnumbered by opponents, including many people out shopping, appalled that fascists were marching on the anniversary of Hitler’s birthday.

It would be bad enough today but this was a mere 3 decades after the end of the Second World War and numbers who had been actively involved in fighting Hitler were no doubt around on that Spring day.

Only a small part of the NF march made it to a concluding rally as it was broken by protesters.

40 years on that day is being marked with a festival to celebrate diversity and oppose racism on the very same Ducketts Common. The…

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Right-Winger Belfield Attacks Tesco Humanless Stores – And He’s Right!

Who’d have thought it – that Mr Belfield would have a point!! (He’s not the only one to think of it though I’m sure…)

Beastrabban\'s Weblog

I’ve put up a number of posts commenting on videos produced by right-wing internet radio Alex Belfield. Belfield is a working class. He says he was born and raised in a pit village, never went to university and was therefore sneered at and looked down upon by his co-workers and superiors in local radio. He has a real chip on his shoulder about this, and is constantly denouncing the BBC and its staff, who are supposedly very middle class ‘Guardian-reading, champagne-sipping left-footers’. He hates the affirmative action programmes for Blacks and modern media identity politics, describing the Blacks and those of other ethnic minorities, as well as the gays, who fill them as ‘box-tickers’. He is particularly scathing about BLM, though there are many reasons why people, not just on the right, should despise them. He’d like the lockdown lifted, Priti Patel to start taking tougher action on…

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Etsy versus Folksy

Interesting comparison of Etsy and Folksy from the seller’s point of view!

I wrote this post a while ago on another website but here it is again. I’m due for an updated form, but this will do for now. This link will give you an idea what happened in 2014 on Folksy. It gives a really nice summary of what has sold etc. There’s some nice stats here on Etsy too. When I get the chance I’ll aim to summarise everything for y’all!

“I’ve been considering selling on Etsy ( and/or selling on Folksy ( for a while. For those of you who haven’t heard of these websites before they are both massive ‘handmade marketplaces’ where you can buy loads of different handmade goods from textiles to ceramics to clocks and from very beautiful items to well, rather weird and specialised. The main differences between the two are that Etsy is an American-based but very international site with sellers from all over the…

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Orange Papers Archive Here

This was and is a great site and resource!!

12 Step Cult Religion Exposed

If you are an Orange Papers fan, you may have noticed this invaluable resource is no longer available on it’s original server.  I have been unable to locate Sir Orange and have not gotten verified accounts of his whereabouts.  I can only hope he is alive and well and has good reason for his website being archived.

I can also pass on the archived website to you 12 Step Cult Religion Exposed readers.  If you have not read the Orange Papers, you are in for a world of an education.  He spent years compiling all this information and it would be a damn shame for it to disappear.  So please share every where.

If anyone knows of his whereabouts, please do comment here.  In the meantime, please share this archive on your blog or website.

I do hope this finds you well and keep coming back!

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Colin Wilson: the man who wrote Spider World

Colin Wilson:
a great writer – and philosopher! From The Outsider onwards.

(And to think I only found out about him by reading his supermarket-stocked paranormal potboilers in the 1990s!! Not The Occult, I hasten to add – they didn’t sell it there!!)


All Things Creative


The Man Who Wrote Spider World

Some time ago I finished re-reading Shadowland. The overwhelming question one is left with is, ‘why isn’t this fantasy series, better known?’ I have said before that Spider World is easily Colin’s best fiction. He has said himself that he would like to be remembered as ‘the man who wrote Spider World’. The fun and pleasure he must have experienced in writing this Opus Magnum seems to radiate from the page. In the four volumes he successfully integrates his ideas with page-turning narrative. With a readership appreciative of Lord of the Rings, His Dark Materials and even Harry Potter, it remains a mystery why the Spider World series isn’t better known. It can’t all be down to marketing can it? Maybe it will gain a wide audience in the future? The spider-balloon scenes alone are tailor made for film adaptations!

Apparently Colin started writing…

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Interview with Colin Wilson

via Interview

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Trending topics on Twitter – How many tweets to reach the top?

I want to know how to trend a hashtag…

TOTAL SOCIAL MEDIA - Social Networking & Online Marketing

According to Twitter statistics, the average number of tweets daily is a little less than 2 million, updated by around 630,000 unique Twitter users.

The idea of having a real time search is possible through the Twitter search engine, found at When a user search for a given topic, the results page shows what is been tweeted about that issue in real time.

The “Trending Topics” shown in the home page reflects the 10 most tweeted topics in real time. They are refreshed every 5 to 11 minutes.

But, the million dollar question is: How many tweets are needed to trend on Twitter?

It actually varies according to the time of the day. As mentioned above, a trending topic is refreshed periodically. So, to figure at the top ten, the topic must be tweeted in a short period of time. It is necessary around 1200 tweets from 12am…

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Sign our statement – Speaking up for Palestine

via Sign our statement – Speaking up for Palestine

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