Lauri Love aka @LauriLoveX permanently banned from Twitter

I don’t know why Twitter doesn’t just get rid of the NeoNazis! (And Tories.)

hacktivist culture

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Lauri Love, aka @LauriLoveX has been permanently banned from Twitter over an alleged “violent threat”.

This is a call to action.

While it is unclear as to what he posted that got him banned or even suspended in the first place, it is believed that this “violent threat” referenced by the Twitter support team is either Lauri’s Tweets about punching Nazis, or perhaps a post that Lauri made on Facebook after he was temporarily suspended from Twitter, which was later screen-capped and shared by multiple accounts. It is also suspected that those in charge of Twitter are resentful of the fact that Lauri and his community reacted to his suspension by openly expressing their outrage to them directly, so this is their extremely petty way of getting back at Lauri.

We must put pressure on Twitter to do the right thing and reinstate Lauri’s account…

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Witchery: How to Make Mars Water

Great stuff! 👏

Sacred Hands Coven

Witches have many tools at their disposal for both light and dark purposes. One beneficial tool is Mars Water, also called War Water. Even though Mars Water/War Water sounds ominous to some non-witches, it has many helpful uses in protective magick as well as its darker side uses. Using it for protection, reversing curses, banishing negativity, and evil is common. Using it in placing curses, declaring war on an enemy, and causing harm is equally frequent. As with all magick, the intent behind the magick is where the shades of magick are determined. I consider them separate, when I use them, as there are very distinct variations between the two types of water in my household. The Mars Water is the base and when I choose to add intent and other items to the Mars Water, then, it becomes what I will refer to here as War Water.


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“Sleeping Satellite” writer Tasmin Archer fixture of UK music scene

Love this song, love this singer. With her passionate, hopeful, yearning voice. Glad to see she’s still active! #bowtoyou #TasminArcher

Where They Are Now

Seventeen years ago, singer-songwriter Tasmin Archer burst onto the charts (#1 UK, #32 US) with Sleeping Satellite, a driving folk-rock piece with atmospheric synthesizer flourishes supporting a haunting, thoughtful lyric mourning the premature end of the space age.  (Perhaps you remember the chorus: “I blame you for the moonlit sky/ And the dream that died/ with the eagle’s flight…”)

Cover to Tasmin Archer's "Sleeping Satellite" EP

Then, just as quickly, she disappeared from the U.S. charts and airwaves. Several more tracks from her debut album “Great Expectations” charted in her native UK, but with diminishing returns. Her 1996 follow-up, “Bloom,” despite some very strong material, garnered very little attention, and Archer, whose relations with EMI had grown acrimonious, chose to take a break from the industry.

A bout of writers block delayed her return to the music business, but, still driven to be creative, she took up painting and sculpture, as well as nurturing an intense…

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Summer Dips

Nice #dip recipe here! 😋 Looks more like a salad, really. #blackbeans. Roll on summer and salads once more: I’m sick of this chilly December already!

Seemingly Greek

Howdy Friends!!!
Finally… an updated blog post! These dips are both easy and delicious!

I am still in the States, moving around and staying busy as ever. Believe it or not, we have still not heard any updates about transferring abroad and I am leaving in 9 days back to Greece. As of tonight, the EU leaders are trying to determine what the future holds for Greece and how to prevent a domino effect of bankruptcy and default, although,“Greece is in a uniquely grave situation in the euro area,” the statement said. Article Here.And as of now, it looks that everyone is pulling together to help Greece, read further here. I won’t bore you with the details but the links above are from the BBC webpage and provide very insightful information if you are interested.

I hope to hear something, anything, as soon as possible so we…

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Banana Blueberry Muffins

Nice recipe! 😋 Never seen muffins with (cinnamon) streusel before!

Seemingly Greek

Since I have been in the US, I have taken several trips. I have flown to Virginia and Kentucky, and driven to/through North Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Florida!!! Let’s just say I have hardly slowed down long enough to enjoy all the wonderful and endless ingredients around me. But every once in a while I stopped for just enough time to make something delicious, like these banana blueberry muffins with an oatmeal streusel topping!!!

After two months, two weddings, two wonderful trips (one with family and one with friends), and still no official news from the Greek government, I am VERY ready to return back to Greece and see my husband! I have come to fully realize that you can be surrounded by lots of people and lots of things, but if you are away from the one you love – life just isn’t as sweet and…

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White Eggplants and a return to Lesvos

White eggplants, nice! Supposedly sweeter than their purple counterparts! Never seen them in UK supermarkets! Presumably they’ll grow here, under shelter! ☺ Must have a look at some of those exotic seed sites and blogs I was recently browsing!

(My dad used to be able to grow smallish examples of the purplish type in his greenhouse. Don’t think he ever tried other varieties!)

Seemingly Greek

Well, what can I say except that I am back to the island and still not quite settled in yet, grrr… suitcases still erupting with clothes! The past few days that we returned together to the island, we have been searching for a new apartment to live in for the following year. If we aren’t going to be moving abroad, then I would gladly welcome the change of a new living environment. The problem is that we (definitely) don’t always get what we want – that lesson is always hard to learn, again and again!!! After looking at around 8 other places to live, we found one we loved but probably out of our budget and the rest were not worth the extra stress/costs of moving, either similar size or much older. As of now, we are staying put in our current shoebox.
Another subject to discuss is the…

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Easy Chocolate Buttermilk Cake

Love the look of this too! Scrumptious! 😋

Seemingly Greek

Well, forget my last post of not always getting what you want because it looks like we are moving after all; NOT to the US (yet) but we are changing houses here on the island. I am getting really excited for the 1st to hurry up and get here already! We decided after MUCH back and forth finally because sometimes quality of life is worth not having those few extra bucks euros, right? Well, I sure hope so 🙂
I can’t wait to show you pictures of my new kitchen too, besides going from a 2 room house, we will now have 2 bedrooms (for you to all come visit!), 2 bathrooms, a living room, small office, and a dining room table (have I ever mentioned that we eat holding our plates, usually on the couch?!) We will most definitely feel like a king and queen in our new home…

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