Orange Papers Archive Here

This was and is a great site and resource!!

12 Step Cult Religion Exposed

If you are an Orange Papers fan, you may have noticed this invaluable resource is no longer available on it’s original server.  I have been unable to locate Sir Orange and have not gotten verified accounts of his whereabouts.  I can only hope he is alive and well and has good reason for his website being archived.

I can also pass on the archived website to you 12 Step Cult Religion Exposed readers.  If you have not read the Orange Papers, you are in for a world of an education.  He spent years compiling all this information and it would be a damn shame for it to disappear.  So please share every where.

If anyone knows of his whereabouts, please do comment here.  In the meantime, please share this archive on your blog or website.

I do hope this finds you well and keep coming back!

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Colin Wilson: the man who wrote Spider World

Colin Wilson:
a great writer – and philosopher! From The Outsider onwards.

(And to think I only found out about him by reading his supermarket-stocked paranormal potboilers in the 1990s!! Not The Occult, I hasten to add – they didn’t sell it there!!)


All Things Creative


The Man Who Wrote Spider World

Some time ago I finished re-reading Shadowland. The overwhelming question one is left with is, ‘why isn’t this fantasy series, better known?’ I have said before that Spider World is easily Colin’s best fiction. He has said himself that he would like to be remembered as ‘the man who wrote Spider World’. The fun and pleasure he must have experienced in writing this Opus Magnum seems to radiate from the page. In the four volumes he successfully integrates his ideas with page-turning narrative. With a readership appreciative of Lord of the Rings, His Dark Materials and even Harry Potter, it remains a mystery why the Spider World series isn’t better known. It can’t all be down to marketing can it? Maybe it will gain a wide audience in the future? The spider-balloon scenes alone are tailor made for film adaptations!

Apparently Colin started writing…

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Interview with Colin Wilson

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Trending topics on Twitter – How many tweets to reach the top?

I want to know how to trend a hashtag…

TOTAL SOCIAL MEDIA - Social Networking & Online Marketing

According to Twitter statistics, the average number of tweets daily is a little less than 2 million, updated by around 630,000 unique Twitter users.

The idea of having a real time search is possible through the Twitter search engine, found at When a user search for a given topic, the results page shows what is been tweeted about that issue in real time.

The “Trending Topics” shown in the home page reflects the 10 most tweeted topics in real time. They are refreshed every 5 to 11 minutes.

But, the million dollar question is: How many tweets are needed to trend on Twitter?

It actually varies according to the time of the day. As mentioned above, a trending topic is refreshed periodically. So, to figure at the top ten, the topic must be tweeted in a short period of time. It is necessary around 1200 tweets from 12am…

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Sign our statement – Speaking up for Palestine

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Politics Is Broken? Okay, But Who Broke Politics?

Hear hear!!

Guy Debord's Cat

How many times have you heard the phrase “politics is broken” ? Probably too many to count. Many politicians will utter the phrase without asking the necessary ontological questions, like “who broke politics” or “why is politics broken”? Instead, the phrase is spoken as if things just occur without any cause or reason.

When Chuka Umunna and the rest of his fellow Labour splitters left the party and formed the Independent Group (independent from what, you might ask), what we got from them, aside from the usual guff about bullying, intimidation and anti-Semitism was that politics was “broken”. Of course, Umunna doesn’t supply any details, for to do so would mean that he’d have to use his brain for once in his charmed life. However, one may suggest that Umunna believes that our “broken” politics stem from one of three things: Jeremy Corbyn, Brexit and social media. He would be…

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Evolve Politics on the Racism and Islamophobia of Tory Facebook Group Supporting Boris Johnson

Telling me! The Tories’ unmentioned Achilles’s heel – and they’ve got not a few antisemites, as well!

Beastrabban\'s Weblog

After his article showing up Tweezer’s hypocrisy about Labour’s anti-Semitism crisis, which showed how far more racist and anti-Semitic the Tories were, Mike over at Vox Political has posted up another piece reporting an article on EvolvePolitics about another piece of virulent racism in the Tory party. This is a Facebook group set up to support Boris Johnson as the leader of the Conservatives. The group is modded by Martyn York, a Tory councillor in Wellingborough, and has as two of its admins Dorinda Bailey, a failed Tory candidate for Newcastle Under Lyme’s council, and David Abbott, an Independent councillor and deputy mayor of Houghton Regis. Mike has opened his article on them with a photo of the infamous 1964 Tory election poster urging people to vote Labour if they want a person of colour to be their neighbour. Or to vote Tory if they already have them, as the…

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FAQ This is about the WordAds program – looks like a good idea!

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Rebuttal to Article: Loki in the White House

Loving Laufey's Son

For the last couple of days, the Lokean community has been rocked by an article by Karl Seigfried, Loki in the White House in which he compares Loki’s behavior in the Eddas to that of Donald Trump. Others in the Lokean community have already rebutted this specious article quite handily: Dude, I Call Lokiphobia! Check Your Bully Pulpit, and Analysis of Seigfried’s Comparison of Loki and Trump, so I will add just a few thoughts. The article is offensive on its face, comparing a complex god to an ignorant narcissistic grifter who has no business being President. I’m not an apologist for Loki. I know my god works both weal and woe as the Eddas show us (though the weal Loki does outweighs the woe, no matter what His intent). I also know that he is fiercely loyal to His followers, those of us who see Loki as the ancient…

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Dude, I Call Lokiphobia! Check Your Bully Pulpit.

“neonazis and white supremacists are already equating Loki=Jewish=Satan. Their arguments include the fact that Loki takes his mother’s name as a surname, which is also a Jewish custom.”

Aw cheez!!! 😮😮😮😨😨😨 Loki is being “identified” as Jewish by right-wing supremacists now: *because he uses a matronymic*!! 🙄🙄🙄

(Well guess what: so do Gypsies; and I believe Scots… Or at least Celtic women keep their maiden names. Something like that.

It’s an old, old thing anyway. Shows that you come from an ancient, originally more matriarchal culture.

But I thought that Jews usually traditionally went with: “ben” (= son of, like Bin in Arabic) “insert father’s name here.” Like: Yeshua Ben Yusuf.. Jesus son of Joseph !

Put me right if you are Jewish and/or know more, please.)

Lady Of The Lake

Yesterday I woke up perplexed and annoyed. Today I woke up pissed. Maybe it was that nightmare of the horse falling from out of the sky, missing one leg (who knows what this means?) and that part later where I had to flee with a frightened family to a place of numerous birds in cages and eerily pleasant people behind the counter, checking us in.

All I know is that I deeply resent the psuedo-Satanic Panic import of Karl Seigfried’s Wild Hunt opinion piece, “Loki in the White House.” Yesterday I didn’t even want to write his name, today I think it’s important to do so. Because I think his intentions are to further ostracize–and demonize–a group of religious people already existing in the margins of neopaganism: Lokeans and those who Hail Loki, among other deities.

Two days ago, I never knew this guy existed. But…

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