The Wollaton Park Gnomes

Great piece of modern Nottingham folklore that I found out about on Shrouded Hand’s excellently Creepy YouTube channel! 👍

Nottingham Hidden History Team

Consider a different kind of ‘Fairy Tale’

by Frank E Earp 

Gnomes & Boggarts

Over the last few years the Wollaton Park Gnomes, (WPG), has become what is perhaps the most famous case of a modern ‘fairy encounter.’ This in no small way has been due to the hard work of Simon Young, who has made the case his own However, Simon’s accounts of and research into the case, are based for the most part on the transcripts of taped interviews with the child witnesses. Although the case has been the centre of much academic debate, every published account has been based solely on Simon’s with its reliance on tapes and transcripts. As far as I’m aware, research into the case has always been ‘desk topped’ and very few additional facts/factors have ever been considered. Although the original tapes and subsequent transcript give us a wonderful ‘picture’ of what the…

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